‘Arteta’ suggests ‘big guns’ can’t finish the game by themselves, causing tiredness at the end

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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta admits his players lost their focus towards the end of the game. And with only a 2-0 lead, causing a difficult situation when Forest hits the egg before slashing to win 2-1, narrowly winning the Premier League debut

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta admits his players couldn’t finish the game on their own. Therefore allowing the competitors to have hope and also lacking concentration in defensive games when being counterattacked. Therefore almost being punished towards the end of the game after opening the Emirates Stadium to win Nottingham Forest 2-1. In the opening match English Premier League 2023-2024 season on Saturday, August 12th.

'Arteta' suggests 'big guns' can't finish the game by themselves, causing tiredness at the end

The owner of the last season’s Community Shield has scored a goal that led the visiting team 2-0 from Eddie Nketiah in the 26th minute and Bukayo Saka in the 32nd minute, but at the end of the game Hit by substitute Tywo Awoniyi in the 82nd minute. Causing them to play more cautiously. Before holding up the three-point collector in the nest as if he should be able to win comfortably

“It’s always difficult to win the first game. It’s always difficult to win in the Premier League. So we should be very happy. Especially the way we play,” said the Spanish trainer. “I think we deserved to win this game. We can do better and faster. But we didn’t close the game and 2-0 in the Premier League is a very dangerous result. We lacked focus on counter-attacks after corners. they score a goal And then the game continues. We don’t lose the door but the feeling is We want to finish the game and get the three points, you can’t give them anything and today we gave them hope. and We gave them a door. And when that happens to teams in the Premier League. You can’t do that.

At the same time, Arteta was delighted with the excellent reaction of Eddie Nketiah netted his first goal for the team. After not having the opportunity to start in the Charity Shield game. That beat Manchester City on penalties by being sent as a substitute in that https://ufabet999.com game. But this match started as one of the 11 players on the team confirming. That is the epitome of what he wants this season.

“He was very disappointed because I didn’t start against Manchester City this week, he trained like a beast. as if to tell me I deserve to play So I had to bring him on because he justified everything from his reaction and when that happened. You can go on and score goals. You play the way he did in this game. It is a great example, ”added the 41-year-old boss.