Is an “oil-free fryer” really good for your health? with advantages and disadvantages that you should know before buying

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During this time, many people are paying attention to “Oil-free fryer” (Air Fryer) to be used to cook a variety of foods at home. Before entering the COVID -19 period, it was a household appliance that was often talked about among health lovers because it was a way to fry food without using oil. Give your body crunchy, chewy food with less guilt. But is an air fryer really good for your health?

Dr. Thidakarn Ruchipattanakul or Dr. Ping, expert in skin and anti-aging medicine. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital states the advantages and disadvantages of oil-free fryers as follows:

Is an "oil-free fryer" really good for your health? with advantages and disadvantages that you should know before buying

Advantages of an oil-free fryer

Oil-free fryer Cooks food by converting electrical energy into hot air. Therefore, it does not require as much oil as frying in a pan. Therefore, fried food fried in an oil-free fryer has lower energy. It is less energy from fat than normal frying.

In addition, when oil is used for frying at high heat. A carcinogenic substance called Acrylamide will occur. Using an oil-free fryer reduces the risk of exposure to this ufabet type of carcinogen.

Disadvantages of oil-free fryer

In theory, when meat is subjected to high heat, Whether using oil or not Carcinogenic substances, namely Heterocyclic amines and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, can occur. Therefore, cooking with an oil-free fryer may still be at risk of these carcinogenic substances.

Oil-free fryer Is it really good for health?

In addition to the risk of carcinogens still remaining Many people may still misunderstand that Food that is fried in an oil-free fryer is healthy. without any risk and results in eating more fried foods than before or change behavior from people not eating fried food Turn to eat fried food It will be detrimental to health.

Who is an oil-free fryer suitable for?

For people who like to eat a lot of fried food. and are concerned about weight An oil-free fryer is one help. To reduce the amount of calories in food.

However, when compared in terms of energy and potential carcinogenic risks, steaming, salad, stewing, or boiling are still healthier cooking methods than frying.

So, is it a good idea to buy an oil-free fryer or not? Depends on the purpose of purchasing love of fried food and the wealth of each person