What day and time does the Lao lottery come out?

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  Originally, the Lao lottery was awarded every Monday and Friday. But at present, the Laos lottery is changed every Wednesday to be a lottery day instead. Prizes will be drawn from 8:30 p.m. in Thailand time. For lottery fans in Thailand, you can follow the live broadcast via Youtube or facebook. As well as other channels directly related to the Lao lottery. Which will be broadcast simultaneously with the live broadcast on the Lao National Television Channel 1. The Lao National Radio Broadcasting Station.

How do I know if I won the Laos lottery online?

        Usually online lottery websites where we buy lottery tickets will already report the prize results. Including various lottery check websites, but if anyone who is impatient wants to know if they have won the Lao lottery or not We have a way to check the prize that which one is called right. When you go to talk to someone, you don’t have to be embarrassed back.

What day and time does the Lao lottery come out?

Let’s say that the Laos lottery on May 22, 2019 issued the number 5098.

  • 3 straight digits, if you buy 098 number, you won because the last three digits of the 4 digit number are 098
  • 3 big digits, if you buy numbers 098, 089, 809, 890, 908, 980, you won because the last three digits of the 4 digit number are 098, which can switch positions freely. Please only have the numbers 0, 9 and 8.
  • Top 2 numbers. If you buy 98, you won. because the last two of the 4 digit number is 98
  • The bottom 2 digits, if you buy 50, are won because the front two of the 4 digit numbers are 50.
  • Running numbers on. If you buy running numbers 0 or 9 or 5, it is considered a prize. Because these numbers are in the last 3 digits of the 4-digit number, which is 098, if in addition, it is not considered a prize, such as buying a running number 5, it is not considered a winner because in the last three digits of the 4-digit number there is no 5
  • The bottom running number, if buying running numbers 5 or 0, is considered winning because these 2 numbers are in the first two of the 4 digits, which is 50. If in addition, it is not considered a winner, for example, buying a running number 9 will not be considered a winner because in the second number The first letter of a 4-digit number does not have a 9 in it.

Where can I buy Laos lottery online?

        In most cases, online Laos lottery can be purchased via UFABET online lottery websites. which has both a broker and a direct dealer Most of them only have 4 simple steps: 

                1. Must be a member of that website first, then login.

                2. Choose to bet on Laos lottery online Which here may differ according to each website that they will use any word. Then select the period that is open for betting

                3. Choose a betting style such as three numbers, two numbers, running numbers.

                4. Specify the desired number and bet amount.

        Just like this, the Lao lottery betting has been completed. It remains only to wait to hear the results every Wednesday night.