Klopp reverses the transfer of players and emphasizes that Liverpool should win against ghosts

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp Turned out a major reversal in the transfer market this summer. Ready to reiterate that his team should win Manchester United in the latest meeting.

 Jürgen Klopp has shown a big reversal in the summer transfer window. By admitting that now Liverpool are looking for a new midfielder hard. The Reds boss even joked that “You were right and I was wrong,” he said, adding that he needed more players. After several of his midfielders were injured, when asked. If someone wanted to come in before the window closed on Thursday. 23.00 or not, he admits

Klopp reverses the transfer of players and emphasizes that Liverpool should win against ghosts

          “Of course things It has changed . And you were right, but I was wrong.” “The situation is like that. There is nothing else to say about it. we are looking and if the right player we need him and if not the right player We don’t need him.”

Liverpool have long been linked with Jude Bellingham , but Borussia Dortmund are adamant they will not sell the English midfielder this summer. There have also been some interesting suggestions about Brighton ‘s defensive midfielder Moises Caixedo and even been linked with Manchester United target Frenkie de Jong of Barcelona. Lona while Leandro Paredes of Paris Saint-Germain Considered too old at 28 , Lyon’s Houssem Ouar was once heavily linked with the Reds. 

          Klopp added: ” I don’t know (if it happens before Thursday or not) let’s see, it has to be the right player. But we’re working on it. And we’ll see if anything happens, as you can imagine. We are constantly working on these. And there’s a reason why sometimes it doesn’t happen – sometimes it’s too expensive. Sometimes it’s not the right player – but then the situation changes.” “One thing remains important. And that’s it… it’s necessary to be the right player. If we do anything, we are 100 per cent confident about it and if we are not confident we will not.” 

    Klopp also referred to the altercation between James Milner and Virgil van Dijk. During the Reds’ defeat against Manchester United on Monday August 22 2022 by Milner. Blame the Dutch defender for Jadon Sancho ‘s first goal. Which saw the Reds centre-back positioned in the center of the Liverpool goal with both hands behind his back. Allowing the Red Devils wing to choose where to convert. The UFABET door is easier

          “We talk about everything. (This week) ,” Klopp said at a news conference on Friday ahead of today’s game against Bournemouth at Anfield (Saturday 27 August 2022), with his team looking to win their first leg. Of the season after two draws and one defeat . “Millie is a player full of emotions. And I’ve had many conversations with my close friends like this on the field. It looks more serious than it is. But there are no problems at all.”

   The Liverpool boss also highlighted in his previous interview that the Reds deserved to beat Manchester United and pointed to his team’s record of possession. I know how it sounds. But we should have won this game if we could do the little things better, so now we have to find out added Klopp. The team we sent in was more than good enough to play a top game. I want to fight until it goes through, the players come back and we get a better result good chance. But we also had a good time and they blocked them with what they had. United is over it is complete. Such situations are not what we want. But it’s a challenge.