Can you believe it! ‘Ronaldo’ reveals comeback with Sporting debut

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This event, Manchester United fans still have to listen to their ears. When it was reported that Cristiano Ronaldo was close to returning to his former club Sporting Lisbon again. Even preparing to launch this Friday.

Koch Offside, famous football media News reports that Cristiano Ronaldo pioneered the Portuguese. Are moving from Manchester United to join the army with Sporting Lisbon. The former agency in the home league. to the extent that it is called the most. Because the negotiations have progressed to 99 percent and will be launched on Friday August 26.

Can you believe it! 'Ronaldo' reveals comeback with Sporting debut

The 37-year-old striker’s desire to leave Old Trafford remains constant. But because the various clubs that play in the UEFA Champions League do not want the players who are older. Plus the cost is still expensive. The News has to accept the condition of playing in the Europa League with the Red Devils in this new season. But when the player market is not closed Opportunities to move out are still there.

Recently , Koch Offside reported that George Mendes, the agent of the Foi Thong footballer. Working against the clock to bring the players in his care to the clubs that have played UCLA trophies, the team that is the destination is Sporting Lisbon , where the players have shown impressive performances. Until Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils manager at that time, had to rush to show off his style in 2003. 

And stated that the move to Sporting of CR 7 is 99% completed and the team from Portugal. A press conference will be held on Friday immediately. Ronaldo has also been preparing to welcome Ronaldo back to the club for several weeks. which indicates The agreement has been in the works for some time. But there are no reports that Is it a loan or an outright purchase?

However, if such news is true veteran shooting star Will be playing in Europe’s biggest trophy with Sporting, who have been drawn in Group D, along with Eintracht Frankfurt, Tottenham Hotspur and Olympic Marseille with confirmation that Before this, the news that the players had entered into negotiations with the old team until the UFABET news came out to deny that it is true.