All of playing baccarat which can be described as a schematic as shown in the figure.

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After following the rules of playing baccarat. It’s time to calculate the winning and losing points. which will produce the following result:

       1. If bets are placed on the Player’s or Banker’s side, the side with more points wins. But if the result is “Tie” and no one bets “Tie”, the bet will be returned to both sides. Considered that no one has lost anyone.

        2. If there is a tie bet Then the result is “Tie. The player’s side and the banker’s side will always lose bets on the side.

        3. If betting on Player Pair, if the first 2 cards of the Player’s first pair have the same points, such as AA, 2-2, the Player Pair bet wins. and the rest will lose all bets

        4. If betting on Banker Pair, if the first 2 cards of the Banker have the UFABET same points, such as JJ, 8-8, the Banker Pair bet wins. and the rest will lose all bets

Baccarat odds

        The odds are another matter every player should know. In order to make a decision to place bets accurately can profit from playing baccarat properly

        1. When betting on the Player’s side (Player), if winning the payout rate is 100%, bet 100 gets an additional 100, but if losing, all bets will be lost. If a draw, all bets will be refunded.

        2. When betting on the banker’s side (Banker), if winning, the payout rate is 95% because the dealer’s commission must be deducted 5% according to the rules of baccarat, if down 100, will get an additional 95, if the dealer loses, lose all bets If tie then all bets are returned.

        3. When betting on a tie If both sides have equal points will receive a profit of up to 800% or 8 times, down 100, get 800, but if either side wins will lose all bets as well

        4. When betting on a pair of cards Is issued the same score for both cards, such as AA, 2-2, etc. The payout rate is 11 times, for example, down 100 gets 1,100 back, both the player and the banker side will use the same payout rate. But if the pair is not issued, all bets will be lost.